Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wind and beans

Tuesday we had another full day. Started at 7:30 with a trip to Los Santos cooperative windmill project that provides free energy to 100,000 people across 6 counties. If you've never been right next to one of these windmills, let me tell you, they are huge! It was awesome! And the views across the valley were beautiful. Of course, I haven't seen anything in vista Rica yet that I didn't think was beautiful.

After the windmills, we headed to Coopedata, a cooperative of 800 coffee farmers. This company has the world's finest coffee and achieved carbon neutrality certification. Lonely Planet ranked Coopedata's coffee shop as one of the top ten places to drink coffee one the world. I had a mocha latte that was..."inexpresable"!

We had lunch at the coffee plantation and then finished our day with a drive back through the former capital city of Costa Rica, Cartago. We visited the Basilica de Los Angeles where every August 2nd more than 1 million people make a pilgrimage to give thanks and ask for favors.

Once back to the hotel, a quick dinner of very rare hamburgers and then most of us spent the rest of the night learning how to salsa. Cudos to our guys from UL who took the floor. Especially to Drew who danced the night away showing up everyone except the locals... All while wearing his crocs!!! Salute!!!

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